2021 Conference Deferred

2021 remains uncertain. Therefore we have decided to defer our next conference to 2022. Many of you will recall we surveyed the group in early 2021 regarding the future of our meetings.

  • 70% of respondents voted AGAINST a web-based meeting
  • 63% of respondents voted AGAINST an in-person meeting in Sep or Oct 2021
  • June received the most votes as the desired month for future meetings at 20.4%. Aug and Sep tied for second with 16.3% desirability. Note, users could select multiple months, hence the low percentages.

We have re-opened negotiations with the Ritz-Carlton St. Louis for our 2022 meeting the first full week of June following Memorial Day. Since Siemens has withdrawn from being a major contributor to the agenda, we will decrease the overall duration by one (1) day. Dates will be 06-09Jun22. We have some exciting ideas for breaking out of the routine. User meetings clearly have fallen into generally the same agenda. We want to try something new and different. If it works well, we will continue. If it doesn't, we will re-group.

Stay tuned for more communication regarding 2022!

Gabe & Barry

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