2019 Conference Comes to a Close

In a word, wow! 36 users and 26 vendors assembled at the edge of Kansas City's Country Club Plaza for our 22nd annual conference last week. Meetings were highlighted by over half-dozen user presentations. Many thanks to Jose, Meredith, Rick, Mike, Sam, Mike, and Greg for sharing. Topics covered included D5 and D5A major maintenance, Siemens TLRI experience, Brush BDAX emergent major inspection, Row 4 blade failure, overspeed trips following load dumps, and row 2 axial rubs. In addition, AECI brought a cyber security specialist to share their efforts to protect assets from cyber threats and a senior VP to share how the coop is responding to the market in recent years. Attendees clearly enjoyed these additions. Closed user sessions never had a dead spot. In fact, the last session Thursday did not break til 630p! Perhaps the bloody mary bar facilitated this...

Networking opportunities included Sunday welcome reception and dinner (courtesy AECI), Monday golf (I believe this was record participation at 38 players!), Monday night spirits tasting at the historic Rieger Hotel (courtesy Emerson, MHPS, Arnold Insulation, Power Plant Services, and TOPS), Tuesday vendor expo, dinner, and entertainment (the yoga painter got mixed reviews, but the rooftop pool provided alternate options), Wednesday night on the Pepsi Party Porch at Kauffman stadium to watch Red Sox blank the Royals (courtesy of Baseload Power), Thursday night closing reception & dinner at the rooftop bar, restaurant, and pool.

First-timers reported a very positive experience and a desire to return. Attributes noted are our welcoming attitude and a clear penchant for sharing experiences without filters.

I personally want to thank all attendees for your friendship, your trust, and your openness. Every effort I expend for this group and conference is for you. It is simply a bonus that I enjoy doing it.

Mark your calendars for 2020: Meeting dates 02-04Jun20, location TBD.


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